Small business owners express concerns amid COVID-19 outbreak

Published: Mar. 29, 2020 at 3:31 PM CDT
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The coronavirus outbreak has had an impact on the lives of citizens, government officials, and business owners. Some of those businesses are starting to feel the effects of COVID-19.

"I think the biggest struggle is just paying what is coming in to keep the doors open," Owner of Reflections Salon and Spa Megan Sisler said.

Seaver and Megan Sisler are from the Rockford area, have four children, and both own small businesses in the area. Their outlook remains positive, but it is hard to ignore some of the new realities from this pandemic.

"I'm in fear of closing soon, if it doesn't, if something doesn't happen," Owner of Hall of Fame Auto Sales Seaver Sisler said.

The family of five relies on two local small businesses for their livelihood. The closure of Megan’s salon was decided by the state, halting business in her salon, but not Seaver's auto lot. He made that decision.

"Illinois considers us an essential business, but as soon as that came out, I decided just that we are not as essential as they would like to think," Seaver said.

Once information about social distancing and businesses closing came down, Seaver says he went to a sale by appointment only approach. Even that is an uncomfortable experience for him.

"I don't even like to take the appointments that I have taken only because, I'm afraid, I'm afraid of passing this on, I'm afraid of contracting it, I have a family," Seaver said.

While the doors of Reflections Salon and Spa are closed, work is still being done.

"Knowing that we were closed we sanded the floor and refinished it and a new reception desk, painted the walls,” Megan said. “So I'm taking advantage of being closed so that when we open everyone is going to come back to a big surprise."

Their lives may have been altered, but both Megan and Seaver agree, this is bigger than business.

"At the end of the day I guess it's all about people and their health and that's what matters most right now," Seaver said.

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