Slick roads causing many accidents, power outages reported from morning ice

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This morning in spots across the Stateline, area roads are practically ice rinks with how slippery they are. Temperatures this morning dipped below freezing and with the drizzle that fell, it froze upon contact with the roads.

While there are many roads that are salted and in OK shape, a majority of the roads are not. Roads west and north of Rockford especially were hardest hit with ice, with spots reported seeing up to 0.25" of ice this morning. If you MUST drive, please take your time and drive slow. Don't forget to also increase your following distance and turn in the direction of the skid, should you start sliding.

Looking at the graphics below, you can see which highways are at their worst. As of 9 a.m. here are the conditions from the Illinois Department of Transportation​:

1. U.S. 20 (Including the Rockford Bypass) from Freeport to Rockford, COVERED WITH ICE OR SNOW

2. U.S. 20 from Freeport to Stockton: PARTLY COVERED WITH ICE OR SNOW

3. I-39 From LaSalle to Rockford: PARTLY COVERED WITH ICE OR SNOW

4. I-90: Hampshire to WI state line: CLEAR

5. I-88 from I-80 to Sterling: PARTLY COVERED WITH ICE OR SNOW

6. I-88 from Sterling to Rochelle: CLEAR

There are also many power outages in Illinois as well, with nearly 7000 customers without power in the state. In our region, most of the power outages are in Stephenson, Whiteside and Ogle Counties along with Rock and Walworth Counties in Wisconsin. These were are the areas that received the most ice from last night and this morning.

We'll be dry for the rest of the morning before more snow begins closer to lunch time. That will mix with a little bit more of freezing rain before turning to all snow this afternoon and into this evening. That will continue to keep roads not in the best of shape.

Also don't forget that a Winter Storm Warning continues through this evening ahead of the accumulating snow. Stay tuned to our website, our social media and the 23 Storm Team mobile app as the weather team tracks the storms all day and night.