Six Flags, new record-breaking ride will be world's largest loop coaster

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GURNEE, Ill., (WIFR) -- A new record breaking coaster is to debut at Six Flags Great America.

Six Flags has announced that the world's largest loop coaster is set to open in spring of 2018. The new attraction will take riders forward and backward on a gigantic loop before suspending them completely upside down.

“Six Flags continues to prove that innovation is in our DNA and we are thrilled to introduce yet another world-record breaking coaster to our impressive arsenal of thrill rides,” said Park President, Hank Salemi.

He continued, “Standing at 100 feet tall, this is an experience our guests cannot get anywhere else on the planet. With the multiple inversions and record hang-time, this new coaster packs a punch and is going to be one of our most intense attractions.”

The ride will have the riders in a "face-off" seating while going through a whirlwind series of 360 degree revolutions before reeling down in the opposite direction.

Highlights of the ride include:

World's largest coaster of its kind
100 feet tall
360 degree revolution with miltiple inversions
32 seats in unique "face-off" design
Inverted hang-time
The park's 16th coaster

The ride will be located in the Mardi Gras area of the park. It has yet to be named.