Shorter days and continued cold this week

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We hope you remembered to "fall back" and turn your clocks back one hour now that Daylight Saving Time ended. Because of this, sunrise and sunset times have changed and will continue to do so through November.

Today (Sunday), Rockford has a sunrise time of 6:32 a.m. and a sunset time of 4:48 p.m. It was definitely a noticeable difference and now our days through the month will continue getting shorter. Monday's sunset time will be 4:45 p.m. and by November 30, sunset will be at 4:25 p.m. In total for Rockford, we'll use 59 minutes of daylight this month.

In addition to the shorter days, the continued cold is not going anywhere unfortunately. While today many spots hit 50° or just above that for high temperatures, Monday will be similar but a tad cooler with high's in the upper 40's.

Monday also looks to be the warmest day of this upcoming week. Very cold Canadian air is already over the Stateline but will come back once again in full force towards the end of the week between Thursday and Friday. When those days come around, high temperatures are forecast to be between 18-20° below the normal high temperatures.

While this week looks to be mostly on the quiet side, besides late Tuesday night with a small rain/snow mix chance, Thursday and Friday will be the coldest days with highs of 33° and 34° respectively. Even looking beyond this week, the well-below normal temperatures look to continue well into November.

Keep the heavier coats, hats, gloves and perhaps scarves out because of the colder temperatures. But the good news this week, mainly quiet and no big snows in the forecast!