Winnebago School District stays open MLK Day to make up for snow day

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ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR)--- Several parents are disappointed with the Winnebago School District. The district will resume classes on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to make up for a previous snow day.

Martin Luther King Jr., Photo Date: August 28, 1963

Most schools observe the holiday as a day to remember the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. However, the Winnebago School District says they are using it as a teaching opportunity.

"It's an opportunity to build up the importance of the day and an educational piece in all of our campuses along with the teaching that's happening within the classrooms," says Superintendent John Schwuchow.

Parent Tombi Smith says programming should have happened regardless adding that not observing the holiday is not a true representation of the community.

"Value is lost when we don't put that day in remembrance, so as far as the superintendent saying he's having a speaker come on that day, he's still not showing the value of what that day truly stands for," says Smith.