Several Rockford businesses in violation of tobacco laws

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - The city of Rockford releases its results from an ongoing city-wide tobacco sweep that includes a comprehensive inspection of several businesses since March of this year. The inspections focused on license and other ordinances.

49 out of 164 businesses inspected were found to be in violation including 20 businesses that were selling drug paraphernalia and 29 businesses selling tobacco without a license.

The city says these inspections help strengthen their ordinances and make our streets safer.

"It allowed us to get into a lot of these shops and see what was being sold. What it will allow us to do is go back and strengthen our tobacco ordinance hopefully and be able to keep a lot of the drug paraphernalia out of the hands of people on the street," says neighborhood standards supervisor Rob Wilhelmi.

Over $60,000 in fines were issued during the compliance check and so far the city has received payment for 84% of those fines.