Sen. Durbin calls for end of shutdown impacting thousands of Illinois TSA workers

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CHICAGO (WIFR) -- Thousands of TSA employees in Illinois are currently working without pay due to the government shutdown.

According to a report​ from the Chicago Tribune, the shutdown is affecting around 1,600 employees at O'Hare International Airport and 400 at Chicago Midway International Airport.

With several employees uncertain of their next pay date, Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin called for the end of the shutdown during a press conference at O'Hare on Tuesday.

"We're being hit hard by this government shutdown right at this airport," Durbin said. "That's a show up for work even though they don't get a paycheck."

In addition to working without pay, some workers say their medical coverage is inactive. Nationwide, the shutdown is affecting more than 50,000 TSA workers.