Screw City Uprising combines entertainment with meaningful discussion

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Owners of ground floor skateboards are working to spread the word about the need they believe Rockford has for an indoor skate park.

The event - called Screw City Uprising - was a way to bring people together to discuss issues within the skating community.

Organizers say many skaters deal with substance abuse, mental health issues, teen suicide, and bullying.

Counselors and advocates were available for young people and their parents at the event, and there were lots of opportunities to enjoy art, music, and skating contests.

"People are going to go to their friends. They're not probably gonna go to their parents, you know, a lot of times. Or sometimes it's just embarrassment. People will... they'll talk to their friends about it, and if we're a little more educated, you know, all the better for it," said Ground Floor Skateboards co-owner Eric Neubauer.

Organizers say they don't have immediate plans for another event like this one, but they aren't opposed to giving another one a try in the future.