Science conference at Beloit College invites 6th grade girls

Published: Apr. 13, 2019 at 6:49 PM CDT
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6th grade girls from all over the Beloit area got a chance to immerse themselves in a minds-on,hands-on science lab experience for two days.

"We reached out to science teachers in the districts around here and they actually get to nominate girls in their classes who have show an aptitude for science," says head coordinator Kendall Montgomery.

The conference is student lead by undergraduate scientist of Beloit college.

"They got to make their own ecosystem, we told them the science behind bottle rockets and so we're taking things that they have heard of before or maybe not and explaining why things happen," says student coordinator Abby Bender.

Bender says she participates and enjoys doing so because these girls need role models to look up to.

"I decided I wanted to study science in the 7th grade and my teacher was a women. I thought she was so cool and she showed us all these cool science things and from that moment I was like this is what I'm going to do," says Bender.

With activities like egg drop, these girls have the chance to explore new things, challenge themselves and have fun.