Round Two of Three Part Winter Storm Underway

A long duration winter storm brought another round of accumulating snow to the Stateline Wednesday Night into early Thursday Morning. While accumulations were on the minor side, they were enough to slow things down for many heading to work Thursday Morning.

The second round of accumulating snow has begun late Thursday Evening. Similar to round one, significant accumulations are not expected, but enough snow is likely to fall that will cause impacts on the morning commute once again Friday.

Snow will continue on a light to moderate basis the rest of the night and into early Friday Morning. With temperatures near or even a few degrees above freezing in spots, a brief mix with rain isn't entirely out of the equation, especially south of Interstate 88. This round of snow's coming in a bit heavier than originally anticipated. As a result, we've upped our snowfall accumulation forecast overnight to 1 to 3 inches. With air and pavement temperatures near or slightly above freezing, treated roadways should just be wet or slushy, but secondary roads, rural roads, and residential streets may be considerably more slick.

An extended lull still looks likely to occur through much of the daytime hours of Friday, before precipitation ramps up once again either late Friday Afternoon or, more likely, Friday Evening. Temperatures once again will be of critical importance. A mix with, or perhaps even a brief changeover to rain remains a possibility, especially south and east of Rockford. Those who stay all snow should expect another 2 to 3 inches of snowfall, with an isolated 4 inch tally not to be entirely ruled out. Areas that see a longer duration mixed precipitation event would pick up considerably less snowfall.

When all is said and done, taking into account the 1.2" of snow recorded in Rockford Thursday, and the snow still to come, we can expect storm total accumulations of between 4 and 7 inches by the time the last flakes fall Saturday Morning.

While travel impacts are quite likely over a period of several hours Thursday Night, Friday, Friday Night, and Saturday, the overall impacts are still not likely to be severe. The fact that the snow's to come over an extended period of time, rather than falling all at once, will work to our advantage, making it easier for crews to clear. Additionally, the warmer air and pavement temperatures make salt and other snow-fighting chemicals very effective. Lastly, the overall light breezes forecast to continue will preclude any meaningful blowing and drifting of the snow.