Roscoe residents boat home through flood waters

ROSCOE Ill. (WIFR) - With plenty of rain in the Stateline, some people living in the Roscoe area have had to get creative with their commute home.

Overall, Roscoe has not seen the same kind of damage that we have seen in other areas. But, some people living on Edgemer Terrace, a street that is blocked off and flooded for more than a half mile, can’t get to their front doors. So, families have been parking their cars wherever they can and taking kayaks through the flooding waters to get to their houses.

"They all come up here and park along the sides and they have a boat down there and some of them have some vehicles that they can get through the water. But, everybody gets along and tries to help one another that's the whole thing," said Jim Weeter, Roscoe resident affected by the flood.

"Well you can see those are our kayaks down their kind of piled up and then my house is pretty far down so sometimes we will take the boat because it's a little faster," said Tristyn Peppers, Roscoe resident affected by the flood.

The Village of Roscoe does have a sandbagging station set up at their public works facility on Swanson Road.