Rockton residents oppose proposed asphalt recycling quarry

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- People in the Rockton community are still saying 'no' to a proposed asphalt and concrete recycling facility.

Three S Contractor Services is requesting a special use permit to open this asphalt and concrete recycling center. The proposed location is at 11184 and 11150 N Main Rd in Rockton.

Tonight the Winnebago County Zoning Board of Appeals is hearing from Three S Contracting, as well as people living in Rockton.

Many at the meeting say they are worried about the large trucks passing by areas where kids and elderly people will be walking. Others expressed concerns about the noise coming from the plant, as well as the pollution to the water and air it may cause.

However, supporters say they will regularly test to make sure pollution is not an issue.

"We really don't want it. The area doesn't represent to be good for that. It's too close to schools, parks, tourist areas, and we just don't want it," says Summit Condo Association President, Richard Stasica.

"It's a very, very green process. It cuts down on truck traffic, from taking the materials to dump sites and landfills that are much farther away, and it provides a good product coming out the other end," says Environmental Engineer for Brownfield Environmental Engineering Resources, Bradley Brown.

Three S Contractor Services did admit that they were already using the proposed site for crushing and storing asphalt and concrete for three days without a permit.

At this time, the Winnebago County Zoning Board of Appeals has yet to make a decision on whether or not to give a special use permit to Three S Contractors.

Three S will need 4 votes from the Zoning Board of Appeals to be recommended to the County Board and then the board will make a final decision.