Rockton Grade School alums say one last goodbye

ROCKTON, Ill. (WIFR) --- "It's just a wonderful community and it always has been with supportive parents, great students, and just a supportive community," said former teacher and alum AnnDee Nimmer.

With just days until the former Rockton Grade School building is demolished, countless alums came back to say one last goodbye.

"A lot of fond memories here and I hate to see the building go, but at the same time, it's getting old and outdated and it's served its time," said former student Steve Schmaeng.

For former first grade teacher and proud graduate AnnDee Nimmer, the decision to put together Sunday morning's event came from the love she has for the place she has called a second home since she was a little girl.

"This was our last opportunity to pay tribute to a school that had provided so many memories to us. It's going to be really hard someday to drive past and not see that physical remembrance of where these memories took place," said Nimmer.

In the thick of all the celebration was a unique young man. One 17-year-old aspiring cinematographer who attended RGS as a child got the chance to put together a time capsule of sorts in memory of the former building. While he might be young, Connor is wise beyond his years in wanting to create a piece that will bridge the gap between generations of graduates.

"No matter what, their elementary, grade school experience comes back here. Their roots, they may stem as far across the country as you can imagine but it all comes back down here," said Connor McCullough.

After an abatement back in September, the school building's demolition is scheduled for next month.