Rockford zoning officer determines where cannabis dispensaries are permitted

ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR) -- The push to bring recreational marijuana to Rockford continues. Zoning officer Scott Capovilla shared his zoning determination with city council Monday night.

Cannabis dispensary zones

Capovilla says recreational marijuana sales are permitted use in light and heavy-use industrial zones, as well as zones C2, C3 and C4. Those are also the zones he previously determined could hold a casino.

"The city of Rockford zoning ordinance may be modified by city council action, including the permissibility and certain regulations of cannabis dispensaries, craft growers, cultivation centers and infuser businesses by approval of a text amendment to the City of Rockford zoning ordinance," shared Capovilla at the meeting.

Zoning is one of the only ways the city can regulate recreational marijuana should dispensaries come to Rockford. His determination includes cannabis dispensaries, craft growers and infusers.

Some alderpeople say moving forward they would like to consider making amendments to further regulate aspects of sales.

Capovilla says it is possible to make text amendments at any time.

"There's a lot of confusion still out there even with the city staff of determining the language within the legislative acts," says alderperson Joseph Chiarelli. "They're really working on that to help us through this, so I think it's a good start."

Some potential amendments would be creating a longer distance between dispensaries and churches or schools.

The city plans to impose a three percent retailers occupation tax.