Rockford students celebrate military signing night

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Many Jefferson High School students are lacing up their boots and heading out to serve the country post-graduation. They made that commitment in a public way Thursday night.

About 20 students participated in the Jefferson High School military signing night enlisting in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Illinois National Guard.

The event was set up similar to an athletic signing but for those who have decided to serve the country. Most of the students have already signed on to their in individual branches and the event was a way to recognize them for making such an important commitment.

"When you actually think about it, our military service is what keeps us here, and the fact that they're willing to do that for us; I respect that and it makes me more excited," said Army Reserve recruit Jaclyn Charistofano.

Jefferson holds this event each year as a way to praise their students before sending them off.