Rockford seizes former Magna Grocery Store

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - - Mayor Tom McNamara announced today that the city struck a deal and acquired the vacant building that once housed the Magna grocery store.

The City of Rockford seizes the land that was the Magna grocery store.

The lot has sat vacant for more than two decades and the mayor said he hopes this redevelopment will improve the quality of life and property values in Rockford.

Some local businesses who share the same parking lot as the former store are excited to have a new neighbor.

"I'm super excited," said John Sommer owner of Don Carter Lanes. "It's great. I guess I've kind of got used to it after all this time, but it will be really nice.

McNamara said the city will assess if the building can be saved and redeveloped or if it will be demolished to make way for new construction.