Rockford prepares for winter storm

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - - A winter storm bringing freezing rain and accumulating snow is predicted to hit Friday evening with the largest snow expected Saturday night.

Rockford prepares for winter storm this weekend

The city of Rockford said they feel prepared to tackle this weekends winter storm.

Rockford street department superintendent Mitch Leatherby said the city has ten thousand tons of salt and twenty three plow trucks ready to hit the streets.

"We'll probably be out on the roads for many consecutive hours throughout the day possibly the entire weekend," Leatherby said.

Rockford Township Highway Commissioner Daniel Conness said his crews are also prepared for the storm.

"We're prepared as much as we possibly can, " Conness said. "It depends on what type of snowfall we get and how much snow. But, again our trucks are loaded and ready to go with salt and we'll have the full crews out doing the very best we can."

Leatherby reminded residents to try and stay off the roads this weekend if possible.

"Just a reminder to residents not to travel anywhere if they don't absolutely have unless it's an emergency."