Rockford Park District police promote bike safety and path etiquette

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Bike safety and etiquette have been two continuous issues along Rockford paths.

"I love the bike path. I love that so many people use it, but bikes really need to tell people when they are coming,” says Rock River Recreational Path visitor Laura Sutcliffe.

Just weeks ago she had an experience that has her on the fence about bringing her granddaughter back to the path.

"He came by, didn't tell me he was coming and I was with my granddaughter who is three. If she would have stepped in front of him, he would have hit her. It would have hurt her and maybe him too,”

These types of situations can be avoided through simple measures.

For example, letting walkers know you are on their right or left.

“Treat the path like a roadway,” says path visitor Chloe Bodrie. “If you are walking on one side, walk on the side you are supposed to."

Others utilize their own techniques.

"I usually try to be aware. With my music, I tend to not have it up so loud so I can hear the bikers," says jogger Gabrielle Saabedra.

It may seem tedious to think of all of these rules while on your morning stroll or bike ride, but Rockford Park District Police say these guidelines are crucial for your safety.

"It is just simple courtesy to one another,” says Officer Lisa Hodges. “Just be vigilant of people. Know where they are at, where they are walking. That way people aren't going to be hit by a bicycle or somebody won't trip and fall."

That's why Rockford police are keeping a close eye on these issues.

Especially for people utilizing motorized bikes, which are not permitted on the path.

"We will write citations for violations out here on the rec path,” says Officer Hodges.

An expense that can simply be avoided.

"Let's all use it together and enjoy life. That is what we are here for,” says Officer Hodges.

For more information on tips and guidelines, click here​.