Rockford police issue 64 citations on Illinois Speed Awareness Day

Published: Jul. 25, 2019 at 11:03 AM CDT
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Rockford police issued 64 citations on Illinois Speed Awareness Day, including 35 for speeding.

Illinois Speed Awareness Day was a statewide enforcement initiative on Wednesday. July 24. Nearly 200 local and state police departments in Illinois participated to promote traffic safety.

Rockford police say seven officers stopped speeding drivers during the day. In addition to the citations, 11 warnings were written and eight people were arrested for other offenses.

“The purpose is not to ruin someone’s day with a citation, it’s to send a message,” said Rockford Traffic Unit Sgt. Dave Nicosia. “Speed is a common factor in very serious accidents. We’d much rather pull people over than have to explain to loved ones why they didn’t make it home."

Wednesday marked the state's fourth annual speed awareness day. Illinois has averaged more than 1000 traffic fatalities over the last three years, according to

from the​ the Illinois Association Chiefs of Police.