Local group purchases snow blower for Rockford middle schooler with land care business

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Updated Feb. 18, 2019, 10:18 a.m.

UPDATE: A hard-working 12-year-old from Rockford can now plow at full speed with the help of a local organization.

The Fatherhood Encouragement Project purchased a snow blower for Kendall Sherman Jr., who owns a land care business called "KJ's Hands of Love."

Sherman Jr. previously was shoveling during heavy snow days by hand while saving up for a snow blower.

Sherman Jr. said the business is not just a way to help others while saving for college, but also keeps him away from violence and off the streets.


A Rockford middle schooler is finding his own way to take advantage of yesterday's heavy snowfall.

When most students are enjoying a day off, 12-year-old Kendall Sherman Jr. is hard at work.

"Every snow day we have, I go out," said Sherman.

"One day I was just shoveling and my mom decided to say you should start a business so that you can help people in the community and bless people, so I said sure."

Charging, at the most $30 for a driveway, Sherman is setting some funds aside to eventually make his job a little easier.

"I'm actually saving for a bigger snow blower."

That's why he's doing things old school for now with just a shovel.

"I'm at like $100 right now, so [I need] a lot more."

But it's not just about driveways or making some extra dough.

"It keeps me occupied, and it keeps me from violence in the streets."

It's not bad for earning some brownie points with his mom either.

"It's actually a blessing to see him out here. He has a passion, you know, for doing it."

Still, Sherman doesn't mind having a little extra change in his pockets.

Sherman's business is called KJ's Hands of Love. Work doesn't stop once the snow dries up. He'll be available for lawn mowing as well.