Rockford lingerie shop owner appears in court

Published: Jun. 20, 2019 at 6:46 PM CDT
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The license continues to be revoked for Rockford Lingerie shop facing sex trade allegations. The owner of Exclusive Lingerie Boutique appeared in a court hearing Thursday after not being able to attend the original court date due to medical reasons.

Chantilly Lace and Exclusive Lingerie Boutique are both facing human trafficking and illegal sex trade investigations. Chantilly Lace has already agreed to the City's terms and had their license permanently revoked. Exclusive Lingerie is still fighting to keep its license however, it's being revoked during the trail.

Exclusive Lingerie is also asking the city to provide specific documents on the case.

"The argument today was over was whether or not they had the right to receive the documents. Ultimately the hearing officer today ordered a significantly limited amount of documents compared to what the original request was to be turned over," says city attorney, Matthew Flores.

Both the city of Rockford and Exclusive Lingerie have 21 days to exchange witness lists, supplemental materials and specific code violations. The next court date will be set on July 11.

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