Rockford gym uses medical-grade sanitation system

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Amid a deadly flu season across the country, everyone is looking for ways to avoid getting sick. One Rockford gym claims to have found a tool to help stop the spread of germs to its employees and its members.

FitMe Wellness tells 23 News its the first wellness or fitness company in the United States to use the Sanosil HaloFogger to disinfect surfaces and the entire building. Sanosil is a liquid that reportedly kills all viruses and bacteria.

"It fills all 11,000 square feet that we have with this cleanser from floor to ceiling. It's a touchless, sanitizing system that, again, kills everything on contact so we don't have to go through and wipe it down, wipe it off," said FitMe Wellness Owner and Founder Greg Georgis.

FitMe Wellness says it has been using the HaloFogger to keep the facility clean since it opened back in 2011. It's used a couple times a week after the gym closes.