Rockford group works to make Screw City Food Co-op a reality

Published: May. 30, 2018 at 9:21 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- A local group is working to make a food co-op that is owned by Rockford residents a reality.

It will be called the Screw City Food Co-op. It's something organizers have been working on for years..

So far, the co-op has 15 owners. Dozens gathered today to learn about the effort.

The way this co-op will be supported is by people buying shares. In order for someone to become an owner, they have to buy two shares.

Each share costs $100. Owners will decide where the food comes from and the way the co-op runs.

Right now, supporting are working on what they're considering phase one, which is gathering 150 owners.

After this, the second phase will be conducting a feasability study. Based on what that study finds, owners will choose a location and finalize other details.

"Having a community-owned grocery store means sustainability. It means economic impact - large economic impact. It means jobs. It means that we together have created something that no conglomerate can take away from us," said Screw City Food Co-op Founding Board Member Susan Wheeler.

Unlike co-ops that are employee owned, this can be owned by anyone who is willing to buy shares.

Supporters hope to have the 150 owners by 2018. They hope to have the co-op up and running in three to four years, but say they are willing to work as long as it takes.

The website for the co-op just went live today. The link to that site is attached to this article.