Rockford family struggles with roof damage from excessive rainfall

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- A Rockford family is struggling with damages to their home because of flood damage over the years.

This recent rainfall also is only making the problem worse.

When Crystal Lighthart and her family moved into their central Rockford home ten years ago, they didn't realize what they were getting themselves into.

"At first the flooding wasn't that bad, but slowly as the years have gone on, we haven't been able to keep up with the maintenance of the house," said Lighthart.

Flooding over time has led to roof damage that is now draining into a bedroom.

Several places have given the Lighthart's estimates on their roof repair.

They average around $16,000 every time.

With six kids living in the house, Lighthart says that's out of the question.

"The money's just not there, you know. Our grocery bill's close to $1000 a month. Clothes and shoes and basic utilities are more important than the roof and trying to get that fixed," said Lighthart.

The only other option was applying for a grant from the city to cover the repair. Right now, Lighthart says, the city isn't accepting applications.

"I, at this point, don't know what's gonna happen with the house," said Lighthart.

If these repairs don't happen, she is afraid their house could be condemned, leaving them with nowhere to go.

"I pretty much do feel like I'm on a sinking ship and we're just treading water right now trying to keep up with the repairs," said Lighthart.

Lighthart hopes that, when the city starts their new fiscal year, they will accept new applications for grants.

She says it's also difficult to find affordable homes in the area that fit an eight-person family, and that's why they haven't relocated.