Rockford experts provide holdiay packing tips

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - You've spent too much time holiday shopping for your loved ones to have anything happen to their gifts. 23 News provides some tips to make sure packages are shipped out on time and safety.

"The best time is now, today. Next week is going to be cutting it close for UPS ground packages," said Lisa Thorns, UPS.

It’s all hands-on deck this time of year as everyone is rushing to ship the perfect holiday gifts before Christmas.

"We definitely have more staff and more supplies on hand,” Thorn said.

When packing a box there are some key things to remember.

"If your box is over 10 pounds don't use packing paper, that is one thing we see a lot of. Also, don’t wrap your box in paper," Thorn said.

“It's always worth remember that a small dense box is a better value for money than a large light box,” said Tony Farthing, Postal Shoppe.

The proper way to package a box is to use the six-strip method. You'll take one bigger piece of tape and put it on the top of the box, then you'll take two smaller pieces and tap it along the sides. Then you will do the same thing on the other side,

Farthing says its best to leave it to the professionals.

"We've had a lot of experience and training in getting things packed in the way carriers like to see them. They have very specific criteria in how they liked to see things packed," Farthing said.

For shoppers looking to avoid a long waiting line get items shipped this weekend.

"With the Christmas Eve being on the Tuesday, Christmas on the Wednesday you've got until the end of next week, it can be done. But it isn't cheap," Farthing said.

It’s important to remember flammable items like perfume alcohol are not allowed to be shipped. Batteries must be packaged or inside a device.