Rockford businesses could gain additional gaming machine

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ROCKFORD, ILL. (WIFR) - Forty-five Rockford businesses will soon find out if they have been approved to add one additional video gambling machine to their business.

Dozens of Rockford businesses may be adding an additional video gambling machine to their establishment.

The Codes and Regulations Committee will review and vote tonight whether or not to approve a businesses' application. Their application then will move to the city council for a final vote.

Business owners are only allowed to have a maximum of six video gambling machines. Mulligan's Pub and Grill General Manager Kelsey Fagan said one more machine can have a significant impact on her business.

"It will allow more choice for our consumers and could maybe bring in more traffic," said Fagan. "It would allow our current customers to have another gaming machine and more games to look forward to."

City leaders said applications will most likely be approved if a business' machine is making at least $150 a day, they're up to date on all license fees, and there are no significant changes to their business plans.

Rockford Legal Director Nicholas Meyer said the addition of these machines is merely a change to a business' existing license.

"It's not necessarily approving gaming," said Meyer. "This is a condition of someone's liquor license and it's a privilege to have gaming apart of your license."

City officials said the City of Rockford receives $1 million a year from these gaming machines.