Rockford aviation employees 'frustrated' by partial government shutdown

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- The partial government shutdown is on its 29th day, and federal employees all across the nation are feeling the impact, including many in the stateline.

Members of the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists Union came together at the airport to raise awareness Saturday about the shutdown's impact on them.

Union members say the shutdown is leaving them wondering when their next paycheck will come, and that question is causing a real strain.

"We ran a poll, and it was, 'How much longer can you go?' and I know a guy that can make it about another week. I know a guy that can make it another month, but everybody's got a squeal point. And then there's folks that are blessed to be on a duel family income, and they can probably go indefinitely, but they're frustrated because of the morality of the situation. and they're frustrated because they feel like they're being exploited, and they should feel that way because they are," said Northern Illinois-Wisconsin Representative for the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists Peta Rosa.

The Professional Aviation Safety Specialists (PASS) is a federal labor union that represents Aviation Safety Inspectors, Airways Transportation Systems Specialists, Aeronautical Information Specialists, support personnel and other aviation professionals, who install, maintain, certify and inspect every aspect of the nation's aviation system.