Rockford Rescue Mission serves 500 Christmas dinners

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - "They can come and just enjoy a Christmas dinner with their family and not have to worry about putting it on their own table,” said Crystal Savage, Rockford Rescue Mission.

Each year the Rockford Rescue Mission hosts a Christmas Eve banquet to provide some holiday cheer to Rockfords homeless community.

"It's an opportunity for us to be able to minister and witness to people about the change that they can have and the life that they can have," Savage said.

This year with the help of 100 volunteers they were able to serve 500 guests.

"Well it's actually quite enjoyable, everyone here in the community that is less fortunate can come down here and get a meal the day before Christmas for the holidays," said Cory carter, Guest.

Carter celebrates his second Christmas with the Rockford Rescue Mission.

"I choose to come down here and have dinner with these guys since I've been in their program for the last year,” Carter said.

Carter says his favorite part of the Christmas banquet is seeing all the happy families who might not have Christmas dinner otherwise.

"When it comes to the holiday area they are trying to make sure their kids get a little bit of something. So by bringing them here, they can spend that little extra money giving them a present," Carter said.

"This is just one meal of many that we are serving everyone day to help the community and help them alleviate that," Savage said.

Aside from a delicious meal everybody that attended the banquet also received a gift from Santa Claus.