Rockford Rescue Mission hosts Christmas meal for hundreds

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- There's absolutely no reason anyone should not enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner this year. That's the belief of the Executive Director of the Rockford Rescue Mission Sherry Pitney. She's now made it her mission to make sure hundreds in the Rockford area get that Christmas meal.

The Rescue Mission says this Christmas dinner is the biggest community event they host all year, even bigger than their Thanksgiving dinner. The Mission planned for 600 guests to show up, but kept taking people as long as they had food to serve them.

Director of Communications Valerie Peterson says the meal is not just for the homeless, but for anyone who wants to attend.

"We just enjoy serving the community, giving a Christmas celebration for someone who may not have a family to celebrate with," says Peterson. "We become their family at the holidays."

In addition to the dinner, there was a Christmas devotional, singing of Christmas carols and special gifts for all who attended.