Rockford Rescue Mission announces new store name, Nettie's Mercantile and Cafe

Published: Mar. 1, 2020 at 9:29 PM CST
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The Rockford Rescue Mission is creating a new facility that combined its store Remade and it's café Restoration Café. Sunday they announced the official name, Nettie's Mercantile and Café.

The café is named after Nettie Golden, the mother of the mission's founder Gerald Pitney. Rescue Mission leaders say Nettie is the reason why they are able to do service work in the community. The new storefront is designed to emulate who she was as a person.

"[She was a woman] who just had such a heart for Christ and being a mother and being a homemaker, and she loved baking, and that's so much of what we're looking to do at this storefront here" says Rescue Mission's Crystal Savage. "Just really bringing that loving atmosphere and good food, and friends and family around a table."

The store will officially open March 20. All of the proceeds go back to the Rockford Rescue Mission. To learn more and receive updates you can visit the Facebook page at Nettie's Mercantile.