Rockford Rescue Mission announces Project: Re, new facility

ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR) -- The Rockford Rescue Mission announced its plans to create a new store downtown. The new facility will combine Restoration Café and Remade into one store filled with food, coffee, baked goods and hand crafted household items made by recovery residents.

Courtesy Rockford Rescue Mission

"We take things that people drop off and rebuild it into something new, make it into something useful," says recovery resident Justin Morse. He says their carpenter work is a similar concept to rebuilding their lives.

"With people, it's the same thing," says Morse. "We're broken we can be reused."

Rockford Rescue Mission makes it a priority to rebuild recovering addicts, and repurpose their lives through working, and the word of God. Recovery residents are currently hard at work building items for the new storefront, temporarily called Project: Re.

"We're so excited that Project: Re is coming together and bringing Remade and Restoration Café into one amazing new location that we're really working for it to be a downtown experience," says Marketing and Communications Director Crystal Savage. "Being able to come into this facility and into these classes and work on art therapy it's just not only giving people skills for life after the program and just being able to walk alongside people and be administered to and uplifted to."

She says the new storefront, which opens March 20, will be a way for Rockford residents to experience and visualize the recovery process, as well as enjoy hand-crafted gifts.

The official name unveiling will be March 1. To follow updates you can visit Project: Re on Facebook.