Rockford Police help YouthBuild students with spring cleaning

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- The Rockford Police Department teams up with YouthBuild to do some spring cleaning over on Sablewood Drive.

"I find joy in like doing good things for the community and for like anybody," said Dianafe Riley a student at YouthBuild.

Riley is cleaning up Sablewood Drive alongside 15 other classmates involved with YouthBuild Rockford.

"I’ve been doing things like around the community it just makes me feel good it makes me feel like I’m doing something good," Riley said.

The Rockford Police Department's community service officers are also helping YouthBuild clean the streets and build community.

"It gave the neighbors a sense of hope that there isn't just this violence and police come and go. The police are here, they are embedded in the community,” Rockford Assistant Deputy Chief Andre Brass said.

Brass says teaming up with YouthBuild gives officers a chance to teach kids valuable lessons.

"We want to teach them some responsibility and hold them accountable for what goes on in their city. This is where they live and this is where they plan on living later so we give them a chance to show them we want to be part of it," Brass said.

Sablewood Drive is known for being a high crime area. So Police are making sure they have a presence in the area. So far it’s working with lower crime numbers and a community that trusts the police.

"We showed them that we are not here just to write tickets we are not just here to make an arrest. We are here for the neighborhood and we want to find on what their concerns are and talk to them," Brass said.

Rockford Police department will be back in the Sablewood neighborhood on April 22nd for a “Cops to You” event.