Rockford Police Officers & Firefighters awarded, promoted

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Their job is to serve and protect their community and on Friday, several Rockford Police officers were awarded and promoted for doing just that.

Two officers received awards while six others were promoted to investigators, sergeants and lieutenants. Officer Bryce Davis received the medal of lifesaving after he was able to stop an infant from choking on an object by performing the Heimlich maneuver, something he said he's never had to do before.

“I mean it feels good. I was just in the right place at the right time. It just so happens I was on a call right there and the lady brought the infant down and you could tell it wasn't breathing and it was just right place at the right time. Any one of us would have done the same thing I was just lucky enough to be there,” said Officer Davis.

Meanwhile the Rockford Fire Department promoted several of its members. Randy James has been with the department since 2000. He's now a recruiter for the department. He says he's honored to be able to move up through the organization. As a recruiter, he hopes to draw more people to a career in public service.

“You know the reward that you get out of serving your community, so we're still considered a nontraditional career so we try to get to these kids and get them to understand there's an opportunity that maybe they haven’t been talked to about,” said James.