Rockford Finance Task Force meets

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- With a $6.5 million dollar deficit for 2018, the Rockford Finance Task Force is meeting for the first time to try to solve what many call a budget crisis.


By the end of 2017, the city expects to be right on budget. However, getting to that point has required some adjustments. Although the city is on track on the expense side of the budget, they are about 3% under previous projections for revenue.

In 2009, a financial was created to solve a nearly $9 million budget deficit the city was facing. At today's meeting, the new finance task force reviewed the actions taken by the previous committee and their effectiveness.

The city's financial department also showed what will happen if the city continues doing the same thing they're doing now. Those projections show the gap between revenue and expenses continuing to grow.

"What I hope we can accomplish is by bringing all matters that we have to the table from all the difference perspectives - whether it be from the administration, whether it be from the Union, whether it be from the public - so then we can all hear each other's sides and try to come to a consensus on what's gonna work," says Rockford Water Plant Operator, Gary Cacciapaglia.

The previous committee only included members from management, and no city workers. Some members of the current task force believe that exclusion prohibited the task force from producing the most effective results possible.

The task force has yet to make a recommendation. Any recommendations they do make will be sent to City Council for approval.