Rockford City Council approves new squad cars and dash cams

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Driving around Rockford you may have seen some new squad cars and many more could be coming to Rockford this year.

At Rockford City Council Monday night the Finance and Personnel Committee voted to supply the Rockford Police Department with some new police cars.

Up until this past year, the Rockford police had not updated its fleet of squad cars since 2014. Many of those cars are more than five years old and have more than 100,000 miles on them.

That's why the Rockford Police Department is asking city council to approve a purchase of 32 new cars. These cars will include both marked and unmarked squad cars used by all areas of the police department. RPD is also asking the council to consider a purchase of dash cameras to keep both officers and the community safe.

"With dash cameras, we are documented good share of what is going on out there because the officers are out in the community in those squad cars and taking them to the calls. It is a manageable amount of video evidence that we recover every day from those vehicles," said Assistance Deputy Chief Doug Pann, Rockford Police Department.

If council votes to pass this item Rockford police will be able to supply 19 squad cars with dash cameras. The remaining cars could be supplied with dash cameras using grant funding the police department has applied for.

If council votes yes on these items the new squad cars will hit the roads in the late summer or early fall.