Rockford City Council approves grants to help homeless population

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- In an effort to combat the large homeless population, Rockford City Council approves an emergency grant to provide assistance during the harsh winter months.

A number of organizations including Remedies, Secondfirst Church and Shelter Care Ministries were awarded funds to provide emergency care to those in need during severely cold weather. The money comes from the federal department of housing and urban development. City leaders say the organizations can use the funds over the next two years and it will play a key role in keeping the most vulnerable in our community safe.

“Well the organizations that were seeking funding this evening are organizations that help again with emergency assistance so helping individuals get off the street when we have frigid temperatures,” Dr. Letisa Wallace said. “There's a new innovative program that is not a shelter but allows people to come inside and have a warm beverage and a warm drink."