Rockford City Council approves a special use permit for Miss Carly's

ROCKFORD,Ill. (WIFR) - A Rockford couple who serves the homeless from their home can now continue business after Rockford alderpersons unanimously approve a special use permit

Carly rice cried tears of joy after each alderperson voted ‘yes’ to keep her organizations open and serving the homeless.

"I look forward to growing to be more efficient but staying small and approachable," said Founder of Miss Carly’s, Carly Rice.

Rice and her partner Jacob Rush can continue serving the homeless out of their 5th ave home after the Rockford City Council approves a special use permit.

"The other night I had some police officers call me and tell me someone we serve was found overdosed by the railroad track and we were able to go be by her side and get her in drug treatment," Rice said.

At Monday night’s meeting, dozens of people attended wearing Miss Carly stickers to show their support.

"We are a community we are in this together,” said Outreach Worker at Miss Carly’s, Kathleen Combs.

Combs works to find people housing.

“This week alone a guy who’s been homeless for five years disabled in a wheelchair gets to move into his apartment," Combs said.

She's excited to see so much city support behind a cause so close to her heart.

“So I think it's amazing that all 12 of them agree on the family of this," Combs said.

Miss Carly’s can now apply for proper permits from the Winnebago county health department and can also accept help from Ellida Lodge whose allowing Carly to use their kitchen space.

"It actually makes me feel better about the food that we are serving the people that we do because it's been tough to cook 200 meals on a regular home size stove and burners. I mean there are times I'm cooking for two days," Rice said.

"We can be all back to our regular selves and not be stressed out. We are all back together and doing what we love to do which is just to help," Combs said.

This permit also requires Miss Carly’s to work with the Rock River Homeless Coalition and create a homeless entry system, which are two things the organization was already interested in doing.

If you are interested in donating you can contact Miss Carly’s through its Facebook page.