Rockford Chamber and RAEDC to form a unification task force

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Rockford business groups are looking to collaborate to better help the community.

"It brings those resources together so they can do more together than they can separately," said Rick Zumwalt, Z Resource.

Zumwalt is in favor of the Rockford Area Economic Development Council and the Rockford Chamber of Commerce teaming up.

"It represents an opportunity to share some skills, share information and do what they do best," Zumwalt said.

In May, members of the executive committees unanimously approved starting a unified task force.

"They can accomplish more, have a bigger voice and change how our community lives," Zumwalt said.

"A couple of the board members on each organization just wonder is there a better way.
We are in a day and age where getting better, faster, stronger is key to everything." said Jeffery Hultman, a member of each board.

Hultman said combining the groups will allow them to be more well rounded.

"The economic development council is about driving and creating a business attraction and new primary jobs. Then the chamber of commerce is about furthering the business environment for companies that are primarily already here," Hultman said.

Some of the task force goals according to Hultman include engaging more businesses already in the area and bringing more business leaders to Rockford.

"It's one of the best things I've done in the community over the last three months. Being involved with those other 14 people and stepping back and saying what's best for the community," Hultman

Monday, the task force will make a presentation before the economic development council. Then on Tuesday, they will discuss changes with the chamber of commerce board.