Rochelle girl wears special prom dress for fallen veterans

Published: Apr. 28, 2019 at 11:37 PM CDT
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One young Rochelle girl took a rite of passage and turned it into a tribute for fallen servicemen.

Aubrey Headon knew she wanted to do something special with her prom dress and this weekend, she made her grand debut.

Wearing it as a tribute to 25 Marines from the 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment out of Camp Pendleton, California.

Each ribbon was marked with a different battalion member's name, with one of the ribbons representing Tyler Smith, a fellow Rochelle resident who passed away in a drowning accident last September.

Aubrey says she wanted to wear the dress to keep their memories alive.

"It makes me feel proud because these guys fell over in Afghanistan for us to live how we do and do what we do every day. Their lives.... and their memories need to carry on so that they don't fade into nothing," said Headon.

Headon says she felt proud to wear the dress in front of her classmates.