Rochelle celebrates $50 million in infrastructe improvements

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ROCHELLE, Ill. (WIFR) -- The city of Rochelle held its infrastructure celebration day on Friday to highlight $50 million in new infrastructure improvements.

Illinois Rep.Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) received the “Friend of Infrastructure” Award from the Transportation for Illinois Coalition (TFIC) during the celebration.

Demmer's office says he urged lawmakers to support capital funding, speaking of Rochelle as the “Hub City” and a solid infrastructure is the backbone of the area’s rural economy.

“Rochelle did not just stand by and wait for an employer to build on an empty lot and bring a few jobs to the area. The leaders here were proactive,” said Demmer upon receiving the award. “These are comprehensive projects that will attract millions in private and public investments.”

Friday’s celebration took place on the grounds of the newly-completed Rochelle Transload Center, one of the city's major rail improvements.