Retaining local talent is the goal of Rockford Promise

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Retaining local talent, that's the goal of Rockford Promise. The group is doing just that by awarding five high school students with full-tuition college scholarships.

Five students from Jefferson, East, and Auburn receive scholarships to Rockford University. Next month the group plans to award 20 more RPS students full tuition scholarships to Rock Valley College. The goal is to help students get through college, attain a degree, and then have them work in the community.

Elaine Breck, Rockford Promise Board President told us about some of the students, "We're really excited about, last year we had 5 students graduate. We have 5 students graduating in May. We have another group of 3-5 graduating in December. And those kids are gonna come back and go to work in our community."