Residents urged to clear sidewalks this weekend

City officials and USPS urge residents to keep their sidewalks clear for mail carriers.
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STATELINE, Ill. (WIFR) - City officials and USPS urges residents to keep sidewalks clear for their safety and the safety of mail carriers.

Roscoe Village Administrator Scott Sanders reminds residents of their homeowner responsibilities.

"We do urge and it's actually required by ordinance that sidewalks are clear of snow and ice," Sanders said. "That's for very important safety reasons."

The United States Postal Service also keeps a watchful eye on area walk ways because mail carriers often take the brunt of unclear sidewalks.

"When this type of weather comes along it's just going to be a matter of slowing them down and being able to make their pointed rounds to be able to get the mail delivered," said Winnebago Postmaster Marianne Miller.

Residents are urged to be careful when shoveling snow this weekend as their could be a layer of ice underneath.