Northwest Rockford residents see less crime with 'No Parking' signs

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Active efforts to end violence on one Rockford street is leading to real changes.

Two years living on Sablewood Drive has taught Genara Garcia, who lives along Sablewood Drive, to watch her back.

"I'm always on the lookout because you never know who you're going to encounter," said Garcia.

Garcia said things have been improving since 'No Parking' signs and cameras were added a few months ago in response to an upswing in violence.

"I think ever since that incident took place, everybody's looking for a way to move. They took those teenagers, so now everything is more calm."

Rockford Deputy Chief Andre Brass was a big advocate for these signs, which were designed to target large groups who would park along the street and tailgate long into the night.

"If we start getting our citation books out, and start writing people tickets and start writing names down and getting car's descriptions and stuff down, people are like 'hey, let's get out of here,'" Rockford Police assistant Deputy Chief Andre Brass.

Alderperson Bill Rose advocated for the changes as well. He says it's about building and maintaining a relationship between leaders and residents that helps to curb crime.

"There's a lot of youth that live in that area, young people. We wanna make sure they know that they have a resource with our police and our fire department," said Rose.

Neighbors say things have been pretty calm in recent months, but because tailgating tends to be a trend in warmer seasons, they aren't drawing any conclusions yet.

"It's not summer yet. Summertime is a different story," said Garcia.

Alderperson Rose says he is working with other neighbors within his ward, along Sablewood and other areas, to bring more street lighting back to the areas. He believes that will play a big role in fighting violence as well.