Report: Winn. Co. Board Chairman Frank Haney harassed administrator

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Ill. (WIFR) -- A report​ accuses county chairman Frank Haney of discrimination and harassment against county administrator Carla Paschal.

The report was filed Wednesday by lawyers of Paschal. It alleges Haney violated the county policy when he said that Paschal “batted her eyes" to get what she wants from county board members.

Chuck Hervas, an Itasca lawyer hired by the state’s attorney’s office, interviewed Haney, Paschal and 10 witnesses leading up to the report.

According to the report, witnesses supported Paschal "that the effect of her deteriorating relationship with Chairman Haney had an impact upon her ability to do her job and upon her general well-being."

The report recommends that Haney and all county board members “receive training and instruction on the application” of the county’s discrimination and harassment policies.

Haney sent 23 News the following response to the report:

"Yes, as chairman, I was very absolutely concerned about the unprofessional and inappropriate relationships displayed between people directly involved in the disfranchisement of voters through the effective mid-term termination of the county chairman position. Those most directly involved are the most sensitive of the criticism, even if that criticism is accurate.

The report also confirms what many have been saying for months - that the ordinance changes themselves are cause of the dysfunction we have all seen in 2019 at the county."

Haney had previously filed a complaint against Paschal, which was later ruled unfounded. The county paid around $47,000 for the complaint, according to a county board member.

In regards to the report, Paschal tells 23 News, "I think they came to the right conclusion".