Report: Exelon threatens to shut down Byron plant by 2022

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BYRON, Ill. (WIFR) -- The future of the Byron nuclear power plant is in question.

According to a recent report, Exelon has threatened to shut down the nuclear power plant in Byron and several other facilities over operating expenses by 2022. A filing​ with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission states Byron is "showing increased signs of economic distress, which could lead to an early retirement, in a market that does not currently compensate them for their unique contribution to grid resiliency and their ability to produce large amounts of energy without carbon and air pollution."

Another report from Crain's Chicago Business says the Byron plant had operating licenses from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that would not expire until the late 2040's.

Exelon offered a statement to Crain's, saying: “We are working with Illinois policymakers and other stakeholders on solutions to not only maintain Illinois’ clean energy progress but to further advance efforts to reduce and eliminate carbon emissions in the electric power and other sectors.”

The SEC report also listed Illinois plants in Braidwood and Dresden among closure candidates as a result of expenses.