Rep. John Cabello files restraining order in an attempt to overturn the governor's stay at home order

Published: May. 12, 2020 at 10:18 PM CDT
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Local State Representative John Cabello has made another move to try to get the state's stay at home order overturned and this time an immediate response from Illinois’s Attorney General.

Cabello tells 23 News that he filed a restraining order Tuesday night asking a Winnebago County judge to rule the governor's stay at home order invalid for the entire state. This is different than the lawsuit Cabello filed last month testing the constitutionality of Pritzker’s stay at home order.

Court records show that Attorney General Kwame Raoul immediately filed a motion asking that this restraining order request be moved to federal court.

In a press release sent Tuesday night Cabello says, “Two weeks ago I filed a lawsuit in an attempt to move the Governor off of his lockdown and shut-up strategy. He was moved to actually release a plan called “Restore Illinois”. That plan will not work and the Governor needs to go back to the drawing board and maybe this time include more input from local elected officials as well as businesses who will be impacted by his proclamations. We also need to call the legislature into session and let the people’s representatives weigh in on these issues. This is Illinois, not Venezuela.”

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