Rep. Cabello files bill to repeal Illinois gas tax hike if recession hits

Photo courtesy: MGN
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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Illinois Rep. John Cablleo (R-68th District) has introduced a bill calling on the state to repeal its new gas tax in the case of a recession.

HB 3937 was filed on Monday.

“While there is no way we can ever get those who voted for the gas tax hike to repeal it, we should all come together to protect working families who already can’t afford it if and when a recession hits Illinois," said Cabello.

Cabello's bill calls on Illinois to fully repeal the motor fuel tax hike if the state's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate exceeds 8% for at least three consecutive calendar months, according to a news release.

In that case, the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) would be required to notify the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR), the agency responsible for adjusting the tax rate collected by retail merchants that sell motor fuel.

Under the bill, the gas rates would revert to its previous rate ($0.19 per gallon) until IDES notifies IDOR that the unemployment rate in Illinois has been 8% or less for three consecutive calendar months.

Illinois' gas tax now stands as one of the highest in the country at 38 cents per gallon. The gas tax hike took effect July 1 as part of "Rebuild Illinois," a $45 billion capital plan designed to fix infrastructure, update state facilities, fund education programs and create jobs.