Record-breaking rain floods Roscoe's Riverside Park

ROSCOE, Ill. (WIFR) ----- A no-wake order on the Rock River comes after record-breaking rainfall hits the region.

Less than two weeks before fall starts, heavy rains shut down a popular Roscoe destination.

"Riverside Park is at a bend in the river. It's at what would normally be called an 'ox bow.' The river really wants to cut through Riverside Park, and we've not let it. When the waters rise, it just takes a shortcut right across that park. It's a very large park, but it's just at a point in the river where it just goes under quickly," said Scott L. Sanders, Village of Roscoe Administrator.

Sanders says normal water levels around riverside park coast around 4 to 5 feet deep, but this year, they've already seen 14 feet and it's causing major harm.

"That was a major flood level and the water stayed for weeks, if not months, and that's where the real damage comes, prolonged periods of time under water, all the vegetation dies, our major roadways wash out," said Sanders.

"If you live down by the river, you always have to be conscious of what the river's doing. I mean, it can come up, especially in this area really fast. We get all the rainfall from northern Wisconsin; it makes its way down here. And, if you live along the river, you just need to be aware, you know, of what's going on," said Lt. Chad Miller, Rockton Fire Department.

With teams scheduled to start practice on the grounds soon, the unseasonably wet conditions could spell trouble.

"Right now, it's too soon to tell, but this could absolutely set them back or sending looking for an alternate location, it'll just depend on how long the park is under water and how quickly these levels can subside,” said Sanders.

"We're all working together, which, it's what we're here for, is to make sure everybody's safe and do our job and get home safe," said Miller.

On Thursday, 2.92 inches of rain fell in Rockford, shattering both the daily record and monthly record amounts.