Rage yoga makes its debut in Rockford

ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR) -- Forget Namaste, how about nama-rage?! The latest yoga craze doesn't involve a quiet, meditative space instead it allows you to be anything but quiet.

This isn't your typical vinyasa flow. Sure it has downward dog and mountain poses but throughout the practice yogis are encouraged to scream, curse, give the middle finger, drink and let out all their rage! Rock and roll music takes the place of soft, soothing sounds. Organizers say this practice allows guests to let out frustrations while trying something new.

"I wanted to find more ways to help others and just try to get more people to have different outlets different copings and believe it or not listening to loud music and swearing those are really good ways to let your stress out,” said registered yoga teacher Marissa Ebert.