Rachel's Challenge visits Freeport Middle School

Published: Sep. 26, 2019 at 5:24 PM CDT
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For Freeport Middle school student Dayvion Fernandez, being part of Friends of Rachel or FOR club is a way to not only contribute to his community but create a safe space for his peers.

"It feels good because you're helping out the community, lots of people there are usually quiet on the first day but then they get talking, you get really good ideas out of them," says Fernandez.

FOR club is part of a bigger picture, Rachel's Challenge, a challenge rooted in the story of Rachel Joy Scott.

"She was the first girl killed in the columbine school shooting and her whole life was based on kindness," says Freeport Middle school social worker Amy Riehle.

For Freeport Middle school students, Rachel's Challenge is a chance for them to be open about being vulnerable.

"I'd say a lot of emotion today, we saw a lot of emotion in the theatre I think people who could relate to losing somebody that they loved some people who could relate to being picked on and bullied," says Riehle.

The challenge is a reminder that kindness and knowing the signs can prevent school tragedies.

"When kids know what to do instead of being afraid, that alertness can really be the change agent," says Riehle.